Sex During Pregnancy, is it safe and practical?

Many people consider that doing sex during pregnancy can harm the child. But it is not. Sex during pregnancy is perfectly safe & practical. Unless it is avoided by your doctor due to pregnancy complication, the sex can be enjoyed during pregnancy. Here is explained the three trimesters of the pregnancy & the ways by which couples can enjoy sexual pleasure during pregnancy.

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Sex during first trimester : Sex during this phase is safe & practical enough if woman does not have hormonal mood swings. Actually during the first trimester having sex with your partner is very good & healthy way to stay intimate & close. You can share the experiences of being pregnant with your partner. Some women do experience sexual overdrive due to extra hormones.

Sex during second trimester : Second trimester seems to be the best time to have sex. During this phase the hormones seem to balance out, in that you are not as tired. You should follow the tips of diet & exercise as told by your doctor. Your appetite is probably starting to pick up and some positions might feel a bit uncomfortable but don't worry.

You cannot squash the kid or poke it in the head or anything like that. Actually during the second trimester & into the third the feelings seem more intense or orgasmic. There are some changes occurring down in the under region of the woman that men rather enjoy, thanks to Kegal exercises. And while some men may not say it... they become extremely attracted to their partners changing body because even for men, women’s being able to give life is an amazing thing.

Sex during third trimester : This phase may not be practical to have sex. Still having sex is not going to poke the baby in the head, so don't worry about it. However it might be a little tougher to actually do it unless of course you & your partner are okay with finding new positions. It is probably not the most appealing time appearance wise.

You’re not likely to get a lot of sleep so doing it seems like a hassle. Some couples will actually have sex during labor to help ease the pains of giving birth & to help open up the birth canal. It helps to release of the bodies own natural Oxytocin for stronger contractions with the added benefit of orgasmic climaxing, bonding with your partner & bonding with your new born baby.


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