Smoking can ruin your taste buds

In a new study scientists have found that smokers are less likely to enjoy a mouthwatering meal than others who avoid smoking. Their taste buds have less sensitive due to smoking. Smoking deadens the ability to taste. Pavlidis Pavlos led a team from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki who used electrical stimulation to test the taste threshold of the soldiers.

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They also measured the number and shape of a kind of taste bud called fungiform papillae. They detected statically important difference between the taste thresholds of smokers and non-smokers. Differences were also seen in the shape of the taste buds and the extent to which they were connected to blood vessels.

Applying an electrical current to the tongue produced a unique metallic taste. Measuring how much current was needed before the taste was noticed provided a way of determining taste sensitivity. The 28 smokers tested had lower taste scores than the 34 non-smokers.

Their fungiform papillae were also flatter than those of non-smokers, with a reduced blood supply. Mr Pavlos said, “Nicotine may cause functional and morphological alterations of papillae, at least in young adults,' said Mr Pavlos”.


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