Symptoms & causes of Autism among children

Autism : It is defined as a complex disorder of the central nervous system, impairing a person’s social interaction & communication skills often manifested by restricted & repetitive behavior. Autism is a behaviorally defined neurodevelopment disorder that begins in early childhood. Language delay in the preschool years is typically the presenting problem for more severely affected children with autism.

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Higher functioning children with autism are generally identified with behavioral problems when they are aged approximately 4-5 years or with social problems later in childhood. Have you noticed these symptoms in your child? You might want to consult with a professional. Oftentimes it will be very difficult news to hear if your child happens to be one.

Symptoms of Autism : All people with autism have abnormal functioning in three core areas of development that are social interaction, verbal & nonverbal communication & the presence of repetitive & restricted patterns of behavior, interests & activities. The people with autism remain aloof & prefer to be alone. They have difficulty in interacting with other people & failure to make peer friendships.

They have behavioral symptoms, like aggressive or self-injurious behavior, noticeable extreme under activity or over activity, throwing tantrums, short attention span, not responding to normal teaching methods & having no apparent fear of dangerous situations. In some children with autism who express affection, the affection may be indiscriminate.

Causes of autism : Research findings indicate a strong genetic component. Most likely, environmental, immunologic & metabolic factors also influence the development of the disorder. Researchers suspect that there are a number of different genes that, when combined together, increase the risk of getting autism.

In some children, autism is linked to an underlying medical condition, that include metabolic disorders, congenital infections, genetic disorders, developmental brain abnormalities & neurological disorders acquired after birth. Environmental factors & exposures may interact with genetic factors to cause an increased risk of autism in some families.


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