Teen girls ought to know about reproductive health!

Menstrual hygiene is an issue that every girl & woman has to deal with in her life. But there is lack of information on the process of menstruation, the physical & psychological changes associated with puberty and proper requirements for managing menstruation. The taboos’ surrounding this issue in the society prevents girls & women from articulating their needs. Good menstrual hygiene is crucial for the health, education& dignity of girls.

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Menstruation : It is the cyclic occurrence of uterine bleeding that occurs near the end of puberty in girls. Typically, first periods occur around age 12 or 13. However, some girls begin having periods as young as 8 or 9 years old, while others may be as old as 15 or 16. If menarche does not occur by the time a girl reaches the age of 16, she should see her doctor for evaluation.

Girls often have irregular periods during the first few years after menstruation begins. It’s completely normal to have irregular periods while your body adjusts to all the physical and emotional changes that occur during adolescence. Menarche is the medical term for the first time menstruation occurs in girls. Girls typically experience menarche their first period, a few years after the first sign of breast development begins.

Puberty stage : During puberty you might notice small, tender & sometimes painful lumps or buds, just below your nipples when your breasts begin developing. This can occur up to two years before you have your first period. Puberty also starts the growth of adult body hair. You'll begin to notice soft hair growing thicker & longer under your arms, on your legs, and in your pubic area. You might decide to shave this new hair.

Emotional changes : It is usually begin about the time menstruation begins. If you feel a little crazy just before your period, don't worry. Many girls experience a variety of emotional and physical symptoms during their menstrual cycles. It is believed that the constant fluctuations of hormone levels that occur during the menstrual cycle cause many of the physical and emotional symptoms that occur during the menstrual cycle. It is normal.

Menstrual cramps or painful periods : It is experienced by each & every women at one time or another. Menstrual cramps may be primary or secondary. Primary dysmenorrhoea occurs most often in young women who have just begun their menstrual cycles & often becomes less severe after a woman has given birth or when she reaches her mid-twenties. Secondary dysmenorrhoea is diagnosed when menstrual cramps are caused by other conditions such as endometriosis, fibroid tumours, pelvic adhesions & ovarian cysts.

Absence of menstruation or Amenorrhoea : There are two primary types of Amenorrhoea called primary Amenorrhoea and secondary Amenorrhoea. Primary Amenorrhoea occurs when menstruation has not started by the age of 16. Secondary Amenorrhoea occurs when menstruation has begun but has stopped. It can be due to a hormonal imbalance or a developmental problem.


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