Tips for caring your contact lenses

People who have eyesight problem usually prefer wearing contact lenses instead of spectacles. Contact lenses have gained popularity & importance in today’s life style. With the increasing trend of wearing contact lenses it becomes necessary to have a proper care of your contact lenses. It is also necessary because they remain your eyes safe & healthy. Here are explained some useful tips, by following these tips you can take proper care of your contact lenses.

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Reading user manual : When you buy a pair of contact lens, there is a user manual which comes with it. You should not ignore it. You should read it carefully & follow the prevention & usage tips given in it. You should take advice from an eye specialist if you wear contact lenses first time. One must follow all the instruction given by the eye specialist for the contact lenses.

General hygienic tips : You must follow the general hygienic tips when using contact lenses like always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your contact lenses. This will help in preventing dust & dirt from entering into your eyes through your contact lenses. Wash your eyes properly before or after wearing contact lenses. Don’t touch time & again your lenses.

Removing lenses & putting contacts in solution : After removing your lenses, place them in their respective cases using lens solution. Use the eye drop that is prescribed by your doctor. You should also regularly clean your lens case to avoid infections. You can clean your lens case using sterile solution or using hot water. Thoroughly dry your lens case before placing your contact lenses in it.

By following the above given tips you can take care properly of your contact lenses with the help of that you can remain your eyes safe & healthy forever.


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