Treat your sprained ankle through simple ways

Definition of sprain : A sprain occurs when one or more ligaments are stretched beyond their normal range. Most people regard a sprained ankle as a minor injury. If sprained ankle is not treated properly, it can lead to lasting weakness, repeated strain & even arthritis. In a severe sprain, the fibres tear.

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Dr. Rogers said, “'You should get an ankle brace as soon as possible. This immobilizes the ankle, reducing the strain on it and giving it a chance to heal properly. Tub grip won't provide nearly enough support or compression to keep the swelling down. If you can put weight on the ankle, that's fine; but don't force it - the injured ligaments need time to heal.”

First aid recommendations : Follow the recommended first aid for an ankle sprain, which goes by the acronym RICE: R for rest; I for ice; C for compression; E for elevation. Apply a cloth-wrapped (to avoid an ice burn) ice pack (not peas) to the area a few times a day for five minutes. Put on an ankle brace and elevate your leg. The damaged ligaments need to heal, moving around or putting too much weight on the ankle can aggravate the injury.

Physiotherapy : Physiotherapist can help you with simple exercises to promote healing and increase your range of movement. The best way to prevent from another sprain is to look at your footwear. In non-sporty people, the most common cause of sprains is poor or unsuitable footwear.


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