Ways to enhance women’s sex drive

Often women experience a low sex drive than men. This is due to many reasons like physical, emotional & psychological. Low sex drive in women may be also due to lack of communication with a partner. If women want to have healthy sex drive then they need to feel good about their sex partner. Here is explained some useful measures through which women can enhance their sex drive.

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1. Eat well & regular exercise : Women’s sex drive naturally increases when they have energy & they feel confident about them. Eating well & regular taking part in physical exercises can help them to foster the confidence & energy they need to feel sexy. This is the first step to increase their libido. They should eat a nutritional diet & take exercise regularly.

2. Partner to know what stimulates woman : Woman should show her partner what she feels good of. Sometimes lack of sexual drive is due to the reason that male partner does not know what physically stimulates the woman. It can be made through an erotic game by trading off who guides other’s movements. These games are very useful to enhance the sex drive.

3. Spend more time in foreplay : Men should spend more time during foreplay especially with non-genital contact. Women tend to have a slower sexual response than men. The women arousal is not instant. Male partner should kiss & caress slowly in sensitive places like lips, ears, neck, nipples, thighs , feet & wrist. The kissing on these sensitive organs helps to arouse female sex drive.

4. Usage of lubricants : Use lubricants during sex. Many physical conditions as well as menopause can make the vagina to produce less lubrication than usual. If male partner have sex without the enough lubrication then it can be uncomfortable & eventually lead to lower sex drive. The reason of it is that female partner conditioned to think of sex as something that doesn’t feel good.

5. Medical checkups : Women can check with their doctor if they have any medical condition interfere with their libido. If their doctor does not find any thing physically wrong, they should check whether their feel depressed or stressed. The two emotional states interfere with female sex drive. Women can consult counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist to help to regain their emotional health.


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