Ways to increase your sperm count.

The main reason of infertility among men is the low sperm count. Having high or normal sperm count can better your probabilities of having a baby. Also the amount of pleasure that you experience when ejaculating can be affected by the amount of semen that is produced. The averaged amount of sperm that a man produces during ejaculations is 40,000,000. There are several ways through which one can increases one’s sperm count.

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Ways to increase sperm count : As you grow old the quantity of sperm decreased. There are many things that you can do yourself to increase the sperm count. Here are explained some tips through that one can raise the quality & quantity of his sperms.

1. If you can, cut down junk & processed foods in your day-to-day diet. It's more advantageous that you eat things high in protein & low fat. If you can afford it, eat only organic foods. It helps to boost your sperm count.

2. Avert bathing in hot water & wearing tight underclothes. The heat can damage your sperm. Tight fitting clothes avert the flow of air to testicles.

3. Limit your alcoholic beverages. This, like the first point, is for your overall health & in turn will increase your sperm count.

4. Exercise regularly. This will lower your body's overall tension level. This helps to increase the quality of sperms.

5. Limiting your intercourse to one time every 3 or 4 days to give your body ample enough time to reproduce the sperm cells.

6. Consider supplements that can increase your semen mass & encourage good reproductive health. This can show to be the one thing that can shift your condition promptly.

7. Quit smoking if you smoke. This will aid your overall wellness & the nicotine brings down your sperm count.

8. Studies have shown that man’s sperm count is at its high volume in the morning hours. Try to have sexual activity then.


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