Ways to prevent you from acidity

Acidity is linked with many things around you. It haunts the person more often than it was earlier. Many things like eating haphazard, a bust career, the improper food habits & lack of exercise can associatively cause the acidity. Fat persons have high chances of acidity. A sudden change in your food regime also results in acidity. Here are explained the ways through which you can prevent from acidity.

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Acidity could be caused because of strange individual habits. Especially, the fatter ones believe in cutting down on their meals. The result is acute acidity. They forget that low calorie food could result in acidity. So that’s why fat people should be more careful with their eating habits.

You should avoid certain foods that could cause acidity. Foods such as capsicum, radish & spinach can cause bubble inside your stomach. Groundnut or jackfruit could also cause acidity. You should try and avoid having alcohol and coffee, as they stimulate stomach acids. Fruits are perhaps the best ingredient that would maintain acidic balance in your body.

Eat fruits regularly and you would witness less acidic complications. Fresh onion, ginger & garlic drive out acidity. Drinking watermelon juice also helps you to eliminate acidity. Eating more than your normal diet regularly could also cause acidity. Drink a large glass of water once you finish your meal. Avoid eating too fast & make sure you walk for 15 minutes after you finish your dinner.


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