What is phantom pregnancy?

Phantom pregnancy: It is also known as psedocyesis that means false pregnancy. It is uncommon condition found in women. This is foumd mostly in those women who have strong desire for motherhood. That desire makes them feel like pregnant woman. Then they slowly become victim of phantom pregnancy. This term also makes some doctors completely confused.

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False symptoms of phanom pregnancy : Women who suffer from phantom pregnancy under go through all symptoms that are totally mimicked to general pregnancy like menstruation cease, morning sickness, swollen breast & enlargement of abdomen. It may also happen that uterus may also show symptoms of genuine pregnancy. Some of the women who do their pregnancy test at home & find it false positive may easily have wrong calculation that they are pregnant.

Even in some cases of Phantom Pregnancy, women feel foetal movements & consequently, they consider that they are going to have a baby in few months. Women who suffer from Phantom Pregnancy completely believe that they are really pregnant while doctors often become totally baffled when they saw such cases.

Causes of phantom pregnancy : Actually, all the conditions are completely alike genuine pregnancy in psedocyesis. Doctors can detect it easily but they also become wordless and mystified when they see such cases. This type of pregnancy can also be noticed in animals easily. However, in women the cases of such fairly uncommon condition is reduced dramatically.

These cases seems to be quite common within those women who are histrionic, dependant & immature. In addition, women who are suffering from relationship difficulties, infertility or miscarriage are also affected by the Phantom Pregnancy. The reduction of such incidences has only happened due to the improvement and development of diagnosis as well as prenatal care.


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