Women with bigger waist could develop Asthma

In a new study researchers have found that women who have bigger waist have high risk of developing asthma though their body weigh is normal. The study suggests that the amount of weight which women carry around their abdomen is particularly important. The researchers analyzed the date of 88304 women.

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They found that women with overweight are 40% more likely to have asthma than woman having normal weight. Asthma is three times likely to attack women which are extremely overweight than normal weight women. More surprisingly they also found that women with normal weight but whose waist is more than 35 inches are also at increased risk around one third higher than women with smaller waist.

Body mass index (BMI) has been widely used as a standard measure of obesity. Many researchers consider that waist circumference can be used because it reflects levels of visceral fat deposits which are found around the organs of body more closely. These fat deposits are different that from other fats in the body. They have more profound & different affects on the health.

Julie Von Behrens, a researcher said, “Visceral fat is metabolically more active - it can produce compounds that may cause inflammation. Inflammation may then be related to asthma.” Researchers had not taken into account many other factors like family history of the condition.

Leanne Metcalf director of research said, “It is important that people with asthma eat a healthy, balanced diet, which is low in fat & sugar & take regular exercise.Taking these steps can aid weight loss, improve lung function & help get asthma symptoms under control, especially given the established links between high levels of abdominal fat & other long-term health conditions.”

The study reveals that women should lead a healthy lifestyle & they should be aware about the fact that having large waist can lead to their health risk.


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