Use of old cosmetic can put your health at risk

Women used cosmetic products in their day to day life, but very few of them take notice of use-by date on make-up & toiletries. Women often put their health at risk by using old cosmetic for several years. Many women continue to use old cosmetic even though they begin to smell or become discolored.

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Alexandra Richmond, a beauty analyst said, “It is not simply a matter of products no longer performing to optimal standards. Old make-up can be hazardous to our health. Like food, cosmetics can expire & become dangerous to use. There may be far more lurking at the bottom of your make-up bag than old dried mascara.”

It is often seen that women forget when they bought the particular cosmetic & they continue to wear it after its use-by date. Four year ago a rule was brought in that required all cosmetics that could deteriorate after opening to carry advice on when they will expire. Many manufacturers responded by adding PAO symbol to packaging.

But in spite of this any women continue to use mascaras & eye pencils after their six-month lifespan. Richmond said, “Repeated exposure to bacteria from the mouth affects lip color cosmetics, while out-of-date mascara & eye pencils can raise the risk of infections. Natural and organic products containing fewer or no preservatives have a shorter shelf-life than conventional products and therefore potentially harbor higher levels of bacteria.”

Through above findings it is suggested that women should not use old cosmetics, if they want to use cosmetics they should go for up to date products.


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