Acupuncture can ease indigestion in pregnancy

During pregnancy about 50 to 80 percent women complained about indigestion, heartburn & bloating. Many symptoms tend to get worse as the pregnancy progresses. But in a new study it is found that acupuncture can ease indigestion in pregnancy.

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For finding the result of the fact in study, researchers involved 36 women those were suffering from indigestion and were in the thirtieth weeks of their pregnancy. In those women none was previously had acupuncture and none had history of similar problem before she got pregnant.

In the result of the study, researchers found that the intensity of heartburn was decreased by 75 percent in half those who received acupuncture as compared to 44 percent those who didn’t receive it. Thus it is found that acupuncture exert a great influence in deceasing the indigestion in pregnant women.

The acupuncture needle disrupts the branching points of nerves that are known as C-fibres. These fibres transmit the low grade sensory information over very long distances.


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