How to make yourself energetic with Sarpasan?

In order to make young girls & boys active & energetic, Yoga has much to offer. A serpents’ speed & stimulus for running is well known. Sarpasan provides you with similar effects.

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Detailed technique of Sarpasa : Lie down on the abdomen. Place the hands on the back with fingers interlocked. Thumbs may be parallel to each other & placed on the lower part of the spine. Stretch the hells & toe together without bending the knees & inhaling raise the body from the front & the rear.

Only the abdomen should touch the ground. Now start rolling on the ground towards the left & the right side of the body as long as the breath is withheld. If need of taking a breath is felt, it may be taken on either & not after while coming on the belly. Return slowly to the starting position. Take rest in Shithilasan on the left side.

Bnefits of Sarpasan : All the organs of the abdomen are nicely massaged. It relieves constipation & whets your appetite. The excess fat is reduced & the body becomes supple & well proportioned. Its main effect is felt on your thighs & lungs. As both of your arms are stretched backward, your chest expands & shoulders become strong.

Things to remember : The most important thing to be noted here is that while raising the legs, the knees should not bend, and while rolling left & right , if it is necessary to tale a breath, do it while coming on either side.

Since the body I this posture is in brisk motion, t is not possible to concentrate ones mind on any point. Hence the point of concentration is not mentioned.


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