Women can stay healthy even after menopause!

Menopause : The onset of menopause is a part of every woman’s life. The hormonal, psychological & physical changes occur during the middle age before last menstrual cycle. This phase generally starts at the age of 40 to 60 which is associated with the permanent end of woman’s menstruation, fertility & the natural part of woman’s life.

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Menopause can also occur when ovaries are removed or stop functioning. Losing estrogen can alter a lot of things to woman’s body.This is not an illness, but a unique biological process for each & every woman. Menopause can raise the level of cholesterol as a result of that blood pressure can be raised. Bones of women can lose the calcium which can raise the risk of osteoporosis. But keeping in mind certain things can help to stay healthy even after the onset of menopause.

Education regarding menopause : The middle age women should learn every thing about menopause. They should aware of the changes that they will face in coming future. They should know how to prone their health that would occur due to changes. It helps to take batter care of them.

Opt a healthy lifestyle : The women at age of 40 to 60 should opt a healthy lifestyle, they should eat nutritious food & avoid food having excess fat, sugar & salt. They should consult their doctor for vitamins & other food supplements that will fulfill their body’s nutrition needs.

Regular exercise & proper hydration : The middle aged women should take regular exercise like Yoga, meditation, breathing exercises & a long walk in morning as well in the evening. These exercises will help to keep their muscles firm. The proper hydration can help to keep your skin taut, healthy & moisturized. Drink plenty of water also removes toxins from your body & maintain the glow of your face.


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