How to check her virginity?

Virginity seems to be an old fashioned and outdated among women in the age of 20s and 30s. If you are dating a girl that is virgin then you have to keep certain things in mind. Like other experienced women in matter of sex she may even not know the expectation of her in many matters. Her expectations depend upon what her girl friend told her like she may be expecting lots of pain or lot of delight. Here are explained some useful tips that will help to remove her nervousness and make her first time the remember one.

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Having control on yourself : She is not experienced but you have experience then it becomes your duty to give her gentle and firm guidance. You should lead her with full confidence because women love those men who have full control in bedroom. She may cry out with delight or she may ask you chase her but it does not sound as if she is ready. You are experienced and this is your job to measure arousal level of her. You want her to remember this movement for rest of her life by giving saucy grin.

Avoid to make final offer : No one would like to do anything under pressure. You should slow and steady pull the thing to next level, you never want to make her think that you are only after it. Women of the age of 25 and 30s and still virgin are very skilled in saying no. it is indicating the thing that she is still waiting for some special one. If you put any sort of pressure then she may feel as under attack, caught in a trap and may create an objection.

Make her relax : It is but obvious to feel anxious but it is your job to ease her anxiety by adopting some simple tricks. You should start with some lubricated talk that will boost her confidence because she may feet self conscious. Make her aware about her beauty by saying she is very sexy and will look enormous in the bed. While kissing makes her aware that you focus on her not on body. Make her relax completely through your talk and touch.

Turing her on : You may want her hot and continuously having strong desire for it and you want to keep that with her. Many man unfortunately break the power of joy before insertion. But It is not intentional on their part because they think to cause a minor pain to their partner. But you should relax because she knows what is coming inside and will not hold it against you.

Virginity does not mean as if she were a cold fish. She might be waiting for right man that will come along and will show how it will be done.


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