How to cure Lead poisoning?

Lead poisoning : This toxic condition is caused when metallic element lead is ingested or inhaled. Metallic element lead is found in many places which are near the road side, it is also found in air, soil, water, houses and solder that is used in metal can and pipes. When blood lead level is equal to or greater than 10μg/dl then lead poisoning occurs.

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Source of lead poisoning : Lead-based paint is a major source of lead poisoning. This type of paint is now no longer manufactured. But young children can eat contaminated paint chips or inhaled contaminated paint dust when they suck hands and fingers. Other source of lead poisoning is ceramic cookware and lead solders. Lead contained in the glaze on ceramic cookware can reach in food during coking process. Lead can enter in water through lead-soldered pipes.

Children are at greater risk : The greatest environmental threats for the children is lead poisoning. The children who live near highways, inner urban and low income housing areas absorb up to 50 percent of inhaled lead. These children are exposed to lead through leaded paint used in older houses and through pipes soldered with lead solder. Children belong to low socioeconomic status are victim of nutritional deficiency because they do not consume enough food to keep their stomach full. So they are more susceptible to lead poisoning, since they absorb lead more readily than adults.

Symptoms of lead poisoning : Low lead exposure level includes symptoms such as general weakness, learning disability, anemia, headache and impaired development of the nervous system. On the other hand the greater lead exposure level can lead to vomiting, constipation, abdominal pain and drowsiness. But if the lead exposure level increased more than 70μg/dl then coma, bizarre behavior, impaired muscular coordination and even death can also occur.

Treatment of lead poisoning : The absorption of lead is greater when stomach is empty, so consume regular meals. Calcium binds and inhibits lead absorption. A research shows a link between iron deficiency and lead poisoning. Iron rich food like cereals, prunes, beef and calves liver can prevent accumulation of lead in the body. Medical treatment of patient whose lead level is greater than 45μg/dl is done through chelating therapy. While high blood leads level require immediate medical attention.


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