Is sex safe after surgery?

Testicular cancer : Man of any age can be affected through testicular cancer. But can be treated frequently in patients those are below the age of thirty. More than 90 % of the patients diagnosed of testicular cancer get full exemption from it. It is said sadly that many men have to through surgery also in order to get rid of this disease.

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This type of cancer is desolating blow to male’s livelihood because it can put a question mark on his manhood. It may be discourage those who yet to start their family. Sex is as safe after surgery as it was before.

Does affect your sex drive : When one or the both testicles are removed then there is no affect on your sex drive. In many cases lack of interest in sex is found but it may be psychological impact due to surgery. Some times many men do experience low libido which will correct over the time. It is better to inform the physician about your libido state. Low sex drive may also be due to depression and anxiety.

Does affect your performance : Until your body is healed from surgery you should abstain yourself from sex. After healing completely from surgery, the sexual performance will become similar to as it was before surgery. Both the partners will not feel any difficulty in lifting where they left. You can have still the capability to satisfy her fully. It might be achieved with natural sources or through hormone replacement therapy.

Does affect your functionality : Orchietomy causes sterility due to removal of one testicles but many men even after the surgery produce normal amount of sperm count and they do not face any difficulty in fathering a baby. Any type of surgery should not prevent you from being aroused, erection achieving or an orgasm experience. In cases of chemotherapy you may experience low production of sperm count and it will correct over the time.

Does affect your appearance : It is very desolate to lose your part in cancer. Very few neither go through this surgery but very less are nor worried about their appearance after the surgery. They may think that women will find them less attractive. They have option of implantation of testicles which is purely cosmetic and will not affect your sexual appearance.

So it is seen that sex even surgery may be as hot as it was before surgery, but you should keep in mind certain things and give yourself suitable time t heal emotionally as well as physically. You can also talk to those who already have undergone through it and can get help of physician.


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