Tips to find your signature scent

To find scent of your signature is equally important as your outer looks such as wearing well stitched clothes with good matching and wearing the tie with suitable shirt. Often men wear those scent which are been gifted by somebody to them. So it is seen men wear scents which are abundant and not mixed well to their aroma.

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For finding scent of your signature you have to do deep research and will find the fragrance suitable for you. Here are explained some useful tips that will help to find a suitable scent for you.

1. Scent suitable for dry skin : Oily skin can comply with scents as compare to sensitive and dry skin because it require something that can adhere to. You can go for thick and heavier one with musk and tobacco undertone. These scent will stay long and give great presence.

2. Choose scent suitable to your style : The good smell of a scent is not enough to go for it, choose one that suits your lifestyle. If you prefer to eat spicy food and consume alcohol in routine then you should choose scent that can add with the smell spin around you.

3. Scent suitable for oily skin : Find out the tone of your skin, it may be dry or oily. Oily tone skin exaggerates and enhances the cologne you are used. Scents which are lighter having citrus base equalize the secretion and strong odor of the oily and moist skin.

4. Determine time to wear scent : When going to choose your signature scent then you first determine the time to wear. It is possible; scent you are wearing for office might not be suitable for night party. If you want to wear scent in routine then always go for one that gives smell suitable for every style.

5. Accompany woman for finding scent : You can accompany your spouse or a friend for choosing a good scent for you with complete honesty. Woman you accompany with will find a scent that appeals you and all women like the one.

6. Check smell of scent on card : Always check the smell of scent on card to find scent of your signature. Checking samples one after another make your nose snuff and it could not realize what it smelt. Many stores offer beans cup on counter of fragrance to cleanse nose while smelling cards.

7. Wait for five minutes before final decision : Before finalizing your signature scent wait for five minutes you find its offensive and is lingering too long. The fragrance of right scent will settle and burn up into the affable aroma.


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