Useful Inverted posture for Mind & Pran (Life)

Viprit karni Mudra : Viprit means inverted & Karni means action in Sanskrit. The usual posture of the body is inverted in this posture. Out of 14 important Mudras in Yog Viprit Karni is one of such Mudra. The difference between asana & mudras is that while asanas are more related to veins & nadis , the mudras are deeply related to Mind & Pran. Naturally mudras are recognized as more significant than asanas.

We know that the activity of the body-nerves , bone-marrow , mind & pran continues unabated. Consequently our pranic energy & age start decaying. The chief aim of yogic practices is to save this decay. It is here Mudra play an important role. The Nectar of the body flows into the naval centre where it is totally consumed by digestive fire. By the practice of this mudra the naval gets inverted upward with the result that this nectar is properly utilized in the upper centers of the body.

Detailed Technique : In the final pose of Sarvangasana the palms are placed lowest on the back in order to keep the body absolutely straight. But in Viptit Karni Mudra the head & the cervical region i.e. neck & shoulders touch the ground & the palms are placed on the hips & the portion of the body from the hips to the toes is kept stretched in a slanting position , towards the sky. All other directions are the same as in Sarvangasana. Breathing process remains normal in this posture.

Benefits of Viprit Karni Mudra : It removes the defects of blood in no time. Tissues are strengthened. One is relieved from fatigue. Acidosis is alleviated.

Due to adequate supply of blood in cervical region & the brain , all the disorders of this part are eliminated. The activity of the brain starts functioning in a systematic manner.

The process of absorbing the useful element of food & the separation of wasteful elements i.e. metabolism all the glands in general & pancreas gland in particular are activated. It prevents headache , giddiness & cures gonads.


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