5 affects of Raspberries on your body

Raspberry is a kind of fruit liked by all. The raspberry might look small & unassuming, bur as soon as you pop one into your mouth, you find it is packed full of flavor. This tiny fruits also have its health benefits. The healthiest way to eat raspberry is eating it raw. But many people eat it by mixing with other fruits in a fruit salad. Some used to sweeten muffins, used to make a low fat vinaigrette salad dressing. Many benefits of raspberry are explained here to know its positive affects on the body.

1. Protect your Eyesight : As you grow in age, you start to worry about your eyesight. In addition you start worrying about whether you need to wear glasses. People also think about macular degeneration which appears in older age & that often end in blindness. But nutritionists believe that people who consume minimum of three servings if raspberry every day seldom develop macular degeneration as they grow older.

2. All-natural Antihistamine : People who are suffering from allergies it becomes very difficult for them to enjoy their life. There are several over-the-counter & prescription drugs that can relieve your allergy symptoms, they can also take a toll on your body. Planting a raspberry bush that has all-natural antihistamine properties. Eating a serving of raspberries, which are packed full of antihistamines, is a lot more enjoyable than popping a handful of pills.

3. Prevent cancer : Nobody wants to hear a doctor tell them that they have cancer. Eating raspberries is an excellent way to prevent that from happening. The tiny fruit is packed full of antioxidants that work to rid your blood of cancer-causing free radicals, increase your white blood cell count & help shrink any tumors you may have.

4. Prevent Heart Attacks : In addition to all of their other health benefits, raspberries can decrease your chances of a heart attack by preventing your arteries from hardening, lowering your blood pressure, and keeping your cholesterol at a safe level.

5. Prevent ageing : Berries help in keeping you young as the antioxidant properties help in preventing premature aging. In addition, it also helps in keeping you fresh and energetic and thus helps in promoting overall wellness. Berries are also beneficial for people with diabetes as it helps diabetic people to overcome their cravings for sugar, thereby helping in keeping blood sugar levels under control.


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