Watching TV before bed can cause bad night’s sleep

Researchers claimed that watching TV before going to bed can cause a bad night’s sleep. Staying up to see the end of what you are watching on TV steals your time when you could have been asleep. This has knock-on effect for your health. Watching television appeared to be the most important factor for the start of the sleep period, rather than hours past sunset or other biological factors.

Watching TV replaces sleep time that results in fewer hours of the sleep. Another reason of poor sleep quality is the sedentary activity that replaces more vigorous pursuits such as sports & also the lack of exercise which results in poor sleep quality. TV viewing is the most dominant pre-sleep activity that accounting for almost 50 % of pre-bed time.

Having sound sleep is essential for body’s ability to repair itself. When body derivates from sleep it can link to hormonal disruption, which raises the risk of obesity & depression. Watching TV before going to bed can disrupt your sleep rather than provide you good sleep.

Many people think it is good to watch a particular program before they sleep. In doing so they are not aware of the fact that they are actually depriving their sleep, because they kept on watching that particular program till it ends. “Leisure activities were one of the most important determinants of the time available for sleep because we only have 24 hours in a day”, said Dr Mathias Basner, of the Division of Sleep and Chronobiology at the University of Pennsylvania.

He also said that the sleep debt which is the reduction in the amount of time spent sleeping was a contributory factor to many chronic diseases ranging from diabetes to heart disease. The timing of work may not be flexible so giving up some TV viewing in the evening should be possible to promote adequate sleep. You can protect your self from many diseases by providing a good sleep to your body.


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