Harmful effects of Aspirin in healthy people

New study has found that healthy people take aspirin to prevent heart attack, the use of aspirin could do more harm than good to those healthy individuals who don’t have history of heart attack. Many people take a daily dose of aspirin in hope that it will keep them healthy & prevent them from heart attack. British scientists have claimed that for healthy people, taking aspirin doesn’t significantly reduces the risk of a heart attack.

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They also found that use of aspirin doubles the risk of internal bleeding in healthy people. The patients who had already suffered from heart attack should take the aspirin. They also advised that aspirin could be included with an anti-cholesterol statin & a blood pressure drug, which could be taken by everyone over the age of 50. Many health people take aspirin believing that because it has been around for such a long time, it is completely safe.

Prof. Gerry Fowkes, of the Wolfson Unit for Prevention of Peripheral Vascular Disease said, “Aspirin probably leads to a minor reduction in future events but the problem is that has to be weighed against an increase in bleeding. Some of that bleeding can be quite serious and lead to death.” Aspirin does reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems but this increases risk of internal bleeding too.

Many patients who have already had heart attack, the risk odf second is so much higher that the balance is in favor of taking aspirin. But the people who have not had a heart attack the risks of internal bleeding don’t outweigh the benefits of taking the aspirin.

Prof. Peter Weissberg said, “A lot of the worried well buy a small dose of aspirin over the counter not understanding that they are increasing their risk substantially of a major bleed.”

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