Curing Acne , having healthy Skin with Yoga

Acne is a problem mainly occurred in young age , in which the pores of skin got blocked due to dead skin cells & oil secretion from the skin. Acne generally seen on the face & other parts of body like back or chest region. In women acne problem is occurred during menstruation & pregnancy ,these are seen on face , chin , breast , near jaw line & back also. Yong women generally feel embraced due to acne eruption.

The acne problem is basically due to hormonal changes in the body so young women need to feel embraced or sad. In women high stress level can aggravate the acne level , with help of yoga this problem can be cured to the great extent. Moreover with the change in the eating habits can cope with this problem. Wash the face for two to three times a day with soft face wash which would not be harsh for the face.

Yogasanas for Acne Problem :

Janushirasana : Janu means ‘thigh’ & Sir means ‘head’ in Sanskrit. The head is made to rest on the knees in this asana & the sole against the thigh. Hence it is called Janushiasana. It plays a significant role in setting right the disorders of the part of the body below the naval i.e the pelvic region.

Detailed technique : Sit on the asan with the legs stretched forward. Bend the left leg & the left heel must press the perineal space. The sole of the foot should touch the left thigh. Keeping the lower part of the back straight , & inhaling the breath stretch the hands towards the sky according to the capacity.

Exhaling , bend & catch hold of left foot with both of the hands & rest the forehead on the left knee. Normalize the breath , stay on in this pose for a while. Repeat this practice with the other foot also.

Suptvajrasana : Supt means ‘asleep’ in Sanskrit. Suptvajasana is lying down supine in Vajrasana. Among the beneficial asana , it occupies a prominent place. This asana is very useful in coordinating the different organs of the body. It sets right knees , thighs & the abdominal region , but the entire spine is activated as in the supine pose the back-bone touches the ground.

Detailed technique : Sit in Vajrasana .keep the feet apart on the left & right side. The feet will be lying down & toes touching the ground. Now stand up on the knees alittle so that it may be possible to sit down on the ground between the legs.

Catch hold the ankle. Bend backward & let the right elbow rest on the ground first & thereafter the left elbow. Now lower the whole of the back on the ground. Keep the knees together.

While inhaling stretch the hands backward beyond the head. Stay in this pose for a couple of movements. Now bring back both the palms under the head. Relax in this pose for a while. Breath should be normal. Now ctch hold the ankles & with the support of the right elbolw return to the starting postion.

Apart from these asanas Sun salutation , Pawanmuktasana & Yoga Meditation play significant role for curing acne problem. Above all you should also take care of your diet . Junk food , oily food & spicy food should be avoided. Drink plenty of water because it removes toxins from the body. Keep in mind that , acne problem is the temporary phase & can be treated there for be cool & have positive approach to cure this problem.


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