Curing Cervical Spondylitis & live pain free with Yoga

Meaning : Cervical spondolitis is the name given to long term stiffening and degeneration affecting the spinal column in the neck. It is characterised by pain & Muscular Spasms in the back of the neck and shoulders. Tension , Headache is also commonly associated.

The pain may radiate into shoulders, arms and fore arms and be accompanied by sensation of pins and needles in the same general area. Movement is neck is restricted and muscular weakness and even wasting of muscles in the arms, giddiness and ringing in the ears are not uncommon.

Causes of Cervical Spondylitis : Mal posture involving forward banding of neck and shoulders, blades due to excessive height of body, professional like sewing, tailoring , embroidery, drawing, architect work, table work, typing work, computer work, microscopic work, excessive & prolonged car, bus or truck driving etc.

Accident and Sporting injuries. Improper Weight lifting and sustained maintenance of heavy buckets of water in hands while standing or walking. Use of soft beds & pillows specially of excessive height, excessive and prolonged movement of neck and shoulder in sex indulgence.

Lack of exercise causing low muscular tone, nutritional deficiency of mineral like calcium & iron and also of vitamin like vitamin B complex, vitamin C etc. Damage can also occur as a gradual degenerative process, due to wear & tear of Joints, bones, muscles & ligaments of neck. Hence it is more common after middle age especially middle aged sedentary workers who sit with their heads held rigidly forward the whole day.

Medical Management for Cervical Spondylitis : Modern medicine mainly offer physiotherapy as a remedy for this malady, in addition to anti inflammatory and pain relieving drugs inter vertebral injection of corticosteroids into the pain full areas often provide effective pain relief damping down inflammation in the short term, but many sufferer report that their overall state worsens after receiving a series of injections, with the pain becoming ultimately worse.

Yogic Management of Cervical Spondylitis-Hatha Yoga: Neti Kriya daily i.e Jal neti, Rubber Neti, Sutra Neti. Before Neti a warm ghee or oil should be applied in both nos trills, then only perform Neti Kriya. It helps to lubricate the nostrill passage and helps to remove out mucus with the warm water.

Yogasnas : Yogasnas act by reducing muscular tension and spasm and also by correcting posture. in addition, they restore pranic balance in the neck, leading to regeneration of damaged tissues and reversal of abnormal bone growth.

Pawanamuktasana ,Vajrasana ,Shashkasna ,Bhujangasna ,Bhadrasna , Shavasana , Akarnadhanurasna , Makrasana , Sarpasana , later on as the range of pain free movement increases, these asanas can be gradually adopted : Padmasna, Ardh matsyendra asana. Sitting still in Padmaasana ,or other meditative posture , with spinal cord straight & the head slightly back , for increasing length of time is very useful. Avoid all other asanas , especially inverted asanas ,until marked improvement in condition occur.

Pranayama : Nadhishodan Pranayama , Anulom Vilom Pranayama should be practiced in the morning empty stomach. None of Pranayama should be adopted after the meal. There should be gap of 3-4 hours after meal to perform Pranayams.

Meditation : Dhyanyog is most effective in spinal diseases and deformities. The head should be held erect but with the slightest tilt backward, the spine upright and shoulders relaxed.

Relaxation : Yoga nidra in Shavasna. A neck support in the form of a soft pillow may be found necessary.

Dietry Recommendations : Simple , nourishing , no stimulating foods, including plenty of fresh fruits & lightly cooked vegetable , Particularly greens. Take whole meal grains & pulses in places eggs & meats. Mucus producing foods such as rice, sweets, dairy products & refined flour products should be completely avoided.


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